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 Fall 2016 

Hello, I hope that you find some interesting offerings in our Fall, 2016 Adult and Community Education brochure. We hope that we provide classes for citizens that meet their academic, occupation and enrichment needs. We partner with many organizations in the Augusta area to create opportunities for our citizens to do just that.

As our brochure indicates we are a destination point for community members who are seeking to enhance their careers, educations, or discover new pass times. We provide classes that include basic reading and math skills, English as a Second Language, high school completion, College Transition classes that enhance acceptance to post-secondary training and credentials for employment. We use tried and proven methods of instruction that include supportive technology. Our new classes for the fall are: American Sign Language,Camera Collecting and Film Photography,Circuit Training Class,Let’s Learn Chinese – Basic Conversation,Origami Gift Box,Papercrafting – “Enjoy the Little Things”,Reading and Writing for College Prep,Silver Jewelry Making,Spanish I, andTennis Triples!

We offer a full range of Enrichment classes and are always looking for more ideas from the community. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts. If you have ideas for new programming please don’t hesitate to bring them to our attention. For more information in regards to our program and services, please feel free to call us at (207) 626-2470.

I am excited to mention that Augusta Adult and Community Education offers technical support to those who wish to become more familiar with how to use broadband, or high-speed internet services for education, enrichment, obtaining health information, supporting economic and community development and accessing governmental services. As your local Adult and Community Education program, we are the Community Connection for Broadband Technical Assistance in Augusta. This service is presented in cooperation with the Maine Department of Education and ConnectME Authority. Learn more at



Zane Clement, Director/Augusta Adult and Community Education


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ConnectMe Authority Icon  Look for this symbol in our catalog. It identifies courses and workshops where you'll learn about high-speed internet connectivity. This community education program is presented in cooperation with the Maine Department of Education and the ConnectME Authority. Learn more at and check the speed on your internet connection.

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